Social Media Marketing Services.

Back in the ’90s, a person lived two kinds of lives: personal life and social life. There is an addition to this, which is social media life, how a person represents themselves on social platforms. If we want to know about a person, we go on social media and search for their profile. Similarly, brands need to have their social presence in the form of being active on social media. Social media gives a voice to a brand, and people can relate more to a brand if they have a social presence and interact with their customers or potential customers via these profiles. 73% of marketers believe that the efforts which they have put in on social media paid them back and helped them get more business for their client.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media to Boost Your Business


If you’re not using social media to market your business yet, you’re losing out on an enormous opportunity. Our social media marketing services help you establish your presence on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Social media’s power is huge, and online channels have now emerged as dynamic platforms to market products, services, and concepts and, therefore, enhance the brand value over social media.

Why Choose Us?


At 10XDigitals, we first understand the brand and its positioning. According to the detailed audit which our team creates, we then make a tailored package for every client. As every human being is different and has their own needs, every brand is unique. Which social media platforms are best for them should be determined before the start of the social media marketing activity. This is where 10XDigitals come into the picture. We make a detailed custom strategy for every client based on their requirements & considering the platform, giving a brand maximum ROI. 

The social media presence of the brand also builds trust among customers. Customers are aware that if they have any queries, then the brand is just one message away. 

Social media marketing services by 10XDigitals is unique because we consider social media not as another platform to boast about the product or services but add value to the customer. We strongly believe that a person will never follow a brand on social media unless and until that brand brings values to their customer’s lives. The content should be informational, motivational, or humorous. If the published doesn’t fall under any of the three categories, then there is something wrong with the social media market strategy.
We make sure to add value to visitors’ lives via social media campaigns for our clients. We strongly believe in the concept that social media is more about them and less about you!

We Specialize in:

  • Creating valuable content
  • Generate revenue for the client
  • Build a brand

Range of social media marketing services we offer.


We provide a range of social media marketing services based on the type of business and the objective. Buzz creation helps you directly indirectly market offerings through online social media. Our social media marketing services include

  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Market
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Quora Marketing


What you get with every social media post?

  • Ready to Engage: Social media posts that ignite engagement among your target audience
  • Written by Qualified Copywriters: Content written by highly qualified social media writers with proven knowledge to ignite engagement
  • Researched & Insightful Posts: Creative and insightful content with high potential to go viral on social media
  • Like & Share Worthy Content: Like and share worthy social media posts ready to quadruple your fan following
  • Well Formatted and Structured Posts: Posts with proper structure, length, and formatting with shortened links, ready to go live
  • Timely Delivery with Optional Social Media Management Service: On time delivery with option to get social media management service

Professional Social Media Marketing Services to Execute Vision and Amplify Social Media Presence.

You’re at the right place!!

  • Client specific social media strategy & content (including hashtag research).
  • Compete handling of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogs.
  • Insightful posts & captions to engage your target audience.
  • Social media content services for your business as per niche audience.
  • Customized social media packages according to client requirements.

Why you need professional content for your social media marketing strategy

We have seen the important impact of social media on business over last few years. 

It is need of the hour to get the professional and customer driven social media content for your business and we are here to tell you why?