SEO Optimization.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that includes making optimal changes or modifications to a website in order for it to rank on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing searches.

Why choose SEO Services for your business?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the need for the day. Thousands of people use the internet to find answers for their queries on a daily basis. It is the process of gaining qualitative and quantitative traffic to your website.

Think of SEO as a guideline that, when followed, drives qualitative and quantitative traffic to your website and helps tap potential and targeted audiences.

Few Benefits of SEO


Provides better user experience

Making improvements or adjustments to a website like adding attractive images, informative videos, great quality content, easy navigation etc helps maximize a user’s experience

Gain quality leads

Having the correct contact forms, positioning of call-to-action buttons on the website, adding a recaptcha; help gain leads that can be converted to potential customers.

Possibilities of higher conversion rate

If a website ranks on top ie among the first fold of search result pages, there is a greater possibility of users clicking on the website and converting/buying your service or product.

Increases brand credibility

A website ranking on the top for relevant search queries is more likely to be trusted by users than a website ranking on the second or third page.

Increases brand visibility

By optimizing a website for search increases chances of a website to rank higher for relevant queries thus increasing brand visibility and awareness among users 

We offer SEO services all over India


We are a professional SEO services company with a team full of SEO experts that offers services across India. 

Customizing our services for every client is our USP! Indian or not, your company needs that special attention. Our SEO experts customize services that best suit your business needs and help in achieving your business objective.

Need a company in India to outsource SEO services? We are your best bet!


Not located in India? Not a problem! We cater to businesses all over the world.

Our team of experts has hands-on experience working with international clients.Our SEO services come with additional expert opinions after researching the competitive international market.

Like every business has different needs, every other region comes with its own challenges. Be it fierce competition, or understanding your buyer’s journey, our recommendations are based on thorough competitor analysis and region specific research.

Get Optimized! The 10XD way…


Every SEO strategy is custom made for each business. However there is a strong base we lay for all our projects to ace the basics! Search engines are smart and designed to provide the best results to users for their relevant queries. To do this a search engine bot crawls thousands of website to understand what a particular website is all about in order to deliver the best and most relevant result to the users.

A search engine checks and compares a lot of factors like the speed of a website, the accessibility of a website structure, user friendliness and ranks the best websites higher up in the SERP.


This is where 10XDigitals comes in and crack SEO for our clients. In order to be on the top optimizing a website from the search engine’s perspective is what an SEO expert does.


Auditing the website to understand where a business lacks, the minor and major errors a website and the best way we can optimize it, is all that is covered in this phase. Our SEO experts analyze the website under a microscopic view in order to identify the area of improvement.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding the competition by identifying their pros and cons in order to outrank them helps lay a strong foundation for SEO. Like it is rightly said; ‘The weakness of your competitor can be your greatest strength’. Applying this in our analysis is what makes us the right choice for your business growth.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing everything that is ‘on’ your website is what on-page optimization is all about. On-page optimizations consists of ensuring that the ranking factors like meta tags, headers, content quality etc is optimal from a search engine perspective. Read our ‘On-Page SEO’ (internal link to on-page) service page for more information!

Off-Page Optimization

Gaining quality backlinks from high authority websites is what strengthens your websites off-page profiles. Based on competitor analysis we create strategies to build strong off-page profiles for our clients. Read our ‘Off-Page SEO’ (interlink to off-page)service page for detailed information!

Technical Optimization

Search engines keep a check on a website’s technical factors such as the speed at which a page loads, an optimal sitemap structure that informs the crawlers about all pages present on a website. Errors in some technical factors can also result in search engines penalizing a website. Read more about ‘Technical SEO’