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What is Content Marketing?

The phrase “Content is King” coined by Bill Gates in 1996 has been around for a decade, having created a lot of buzz and for good reason, content is used for a wide proportion of online activities. For one, how would SEO be optimized for search engines, and get business’s rankings, if content didn’t exist? And every keyword that’s typed in the search engines by users is an attempt to find, guess what? Relevant content!

That being said, it plays a major role in helping the user make a purchase decision or provide them with valuable information about your business. 

Every video, every landing page, every email, every business product description is content. Now that you know what content is, understanding content marketing becomes a breeze. 


Content marketing is the utilization of content- any or all of it, to help businesses like yours reach it’s marketing goals-  whether it’s getting your brand out there, raising awareness, fetching traffic for your new website, drive new business leads, or educate customers about your product and more. 

At 10XDigitals, we provide you with compelling, clear, concise and creative content that leverages the power of words to help your business get ahead in this vast online world. We turn your business into a brand that customers want to revisit time and time again. 

Why Opting for Content Marketing Services is a Smart Move for Your Business?

“Content is the reason search began in the first place” – Alina Popescu

We’ve heard of many companies that have been hesitant or  skeptical to invest in content marketing because they haven’t been properly explained by other agencies on the immense benefits and results one can get from such services or remain intimidated by their perception of complex strategies, afraid to dive in. If this sounds like you, know that you might be missing out on what we call a “pool of loyal customers” and more ROI for your business 

At 10xdigitals, we can provide you with a myriad of reasons why content marketing services are worth it and why it is the smartest move you can make for your business. 

Starting from elevated visibility in search engines, on-site traffic, sky-high conversion potential, 

improved brand awareness, reputation, low marketing costs and high-returns, these are one of the many reasons you should opt for our services. We apply a 360* approach to your content marketing- from strategy development, content creation, publishing, distribution and promotion, your business goals are sure to be the main-focus.

We believe in results-driven content that reaches and converts the right people for your business at the right place and at the right time.

Benefits of a strong content marketing strategy


Content isn’t something you can jump into blindly and hope for the best. For your content marketing efforts to be successful and get you results, you need an efficacious strategy


Here are some reasons on why you need to have one, Effective immediately!

Ensures Timely Delivery and Increases Productivity

A strategy in content marketing helps keep in check timely delivery and assists in outlining how much content needs to be produced as well as when and where it needs to be posted. Compare this with no strategy and it’s too easy to fall-behind and your content marketing efforts to be all over the place.

Establish Powerful Brand-Identity

A proper content marketing strategy aids in determining the overall style, tone and approach your business is going to take when it comes to the way your brand is perceived by the right audience. It helps you steer clear of unnecessary jargon and makes sure you’re following the direction you need to.

Identifying and Analyzing Patterns

A part and parcel of content marketing is the ability of some approaches to work brilliantly while others lead to a bleak failure. With a content strategy you are able to keep a watch on what’s working and what’s not, and also have know-how of the metrics to focus on making it easier to analyze patterns and tweak what’s needed in order to get a more favourable outcome.



How can 10XD help ‘YOU’ in creating a sustainable content marketing plan?

A plan is of crucial value when it comes to the implementation of content marketing that converts. Just like your business, you need a plan that can be for the long-haul. It’s one thing to create a plan but a whole different story when it comes to making one that stands the test of time. 

Here is the full-proof process we follow at 10XD to create a sustainable content marketing plan:

We begin by creating a roadmap to your desired goals, it can be anything from sales, reaching a massive audience, raising awareness or even building up recognition.  Our content plan covers areas like business goals,the overall goals of the content in addition to the goals of the audience you’re targeting. 

Another crucial part of our plan is determining the perfect audience and finding out what information they are looking for in your industry and giving them the best one possible. We take into account age, demographics, gender, the social networks/channels they are most active on as well as the mode of communication they prefer so that we can attract and interest them towards your business. 

We always look at the bigger picture and analyse the content already written based on questions such as: What brought most traffic to the website? How many shares does that piece of content have? What is the engagement? Does it add value to your audience as well as it relevant enough?

All these factors are taken into consideration in order to achieve a comparison of what works best, what doesn’t, whIch finally helps us in determining what will. 

It’s important to know that not every content type will get you the results you’re looking for, we understand that all too well and leverage the one that grabs the interest & attention of your audience. In other words, we customize a plan that works best for your business. For every great project plan you need a strong team. Our comprehensive content marketing team works behind the scenes in adding life to your business goals. These include editors, content marketers, designers, SEO specialists and of course the writers. 

Finally, we curate a content calendar business so that the planning is followed through as well as deadlines are set. We make sure your content is published on the right day at the right time. The team at 10XD also keeps themselves updated on the latest trends in your industry so you never miss out and neither does your audience. 

At 10XD, we don’t rely on chances when it comes to a content marketing plan, we create them!

Why is 10XD a reliable content marketing partner for you?

Content is the king

At 10XD, we drive businesses ROI (return on investment)  through the roofs. For us, clients’ needs come above everything else and that’s what makes us strive everyday to only deliver the best. We believe writing unique (plagiarism free), engaging and informative content that uplifts a business repertoire in the eyes of their customers. We devise strategies and sustainable content marketing plans that aligns with both the target audience and a business’s growth aspirations. Ultimately, you get the results you’re after and we get the thing we love doing most- being a little part of your success story.

Are you ready to build a lasting impact with content marketing services? Get in touch with us at +917869285359 or email us [email protected]



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