5 ways students can learn in times of COVID-19

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5 ways students can learn in times of COVID-19

We all agree with the fact that COVID-19, the unseeable thing called a virus, has drastically changed our lives. Things we termed, as usual, are now dangerous to us.

Students whom we consider our future are not able to define what their life is going to be once this pandemic ends(god knows when). The only thing that is providing hope and connecting us to our needs, dear ones is via different types of technology.


The only hope/ray for students to not learn something new, or complete their semesters; studies is with the help of various platforms

From working hard for that one job, college, or high school, students are always striving to do the best to accomplish their dreams.


We all agree to the fact post covid there will be another world, a new way of life, a new system. A student has to be well versed and prepared for the upcoming competition through different ways to learn in times of COVID-19:



Lockdown period has shifted a share of readers to ebooks, of course, because of the unavailability of the printed books. The ebook are being offered at free of cost by Amazon and others

With all studies done online, it is reasonable to say a high share of the institute will encourage ebooks as its handy, no fear of infected (in the manufacturing)

And to highlight the fact it will also help in saving our environment because no paper no cut of trees.

People have already used Kindle as it is handy, one thing with much variety, easy to use.

Audiobooks are also an addition to the market. E.g., Apple or Google Audio Books



The majority of students have signed up for courses online; the increase in the sales of Byju is enough to justify that E-learning is learning through the online curriculum, videos, classes, and quizzes.

The technology E-Learning for students not only helps them to study at customized hours but also offers a variety of courses and are much less in price than a lump sum of Institution fees. 

It also opens doors for creative studying and not following of rigid study base, from painting to app building every type, of course, is available online

That time is not far when getting your primary degree or schooling through online learning is the next thing. Even universities like Harvard have offered many courses online.E-learning technology has undoubtedly opened the market for Byju, Udemy. Many parents already prefer homeschooling. E-learning makes students self-dependent and not relying on the teacher for everything.

Learning without classroom trends was started by TATA Sky years ago when they launched the option of study through tv channels for students, which now has shifted to apps or online.


Recruitment applications:


Many new job seekers use Naukri.com. But students always wait for campus recruitment, the social distancing thing and universities opting for fewer people will undoubtedly shift the campus recruitment process to LinkedIn. Building a good profile will become necessary for all college students. Already the majority of students relied on LinkedIn for internships. Now social media is not confined to just Instagram and Facebook, but for applications like LinkedIn, where students should focus on building their profile from an early age.


Video calls/conferencing:


Covid-19 has opened doors for video conferencing as an integral part of the education system. Most of the institutes relayed on the video call for their classes. The technology bought students and teachers together, yet stayed apart. Post Covid- 19, video conferencing will not fully replace but definitely will complement classroom studies. It has also helped those students who fear public speaking; social skills are building because of interactive sessions.


Podcasts (Audio):


The only thing that holds students’ interest in this fast-moving tech-savvy generation is providing opportunities for creative learning. Podcasts improve the learning skills of students; not only it creates room for imagination, better understanding. From stories to distinguished lectures to business news, everyone has already started to grab the opportunity of entering Podcasts.  

There is a saying nobody has enough of the knowledge. Podcasts can be multitasked with anything and provide a personal touch to

Some people tend to grasp fast when they listen rather than read.

In fact, in European countries, podcasts are replaced by the local tour guide in museums. Not long when Podcasts become the next thing, as all human beings are just doing is running away from each other.

Seeing the economy will benefit more as it is one of the cheapest in our list of technology, you just need to download an app and record Yeah, same as we send voice notes to our friends (pun intended)

To conclude, there is a saying every end has a new being. Post Covid-19, there will be a new way to study. The importance of technology will undoubtedly be going to super par the traditional techniques. Therefore, knowing different ways to learn in times of COVID-19 becomes important.





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