5 ways students can learn in times of COVID-19

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5 ways students can learn in times of COVID-19

The spread of the novel Coronavirus has made us accept the fact that it is a very long story.

The people are now getting acquainted with the ‘new normal’. The new normal involves maintaining social distancing at all levels. With the world economy going down, one thing which is unnoticeable that the education system has been affected drastically. Students are stuck with the fear of covid-19, lagging behind the course, semesters pilling up.

The only solution feasible was to opt for online system education. Students are struggling to get hands-on with this new system of education. To be ahead of time, students should focus on learning some technologies post covid-19, as the future of the education system will certainly include the use of the following technology post covid19-

Augmented reality (AR)

AR is a combination of real and virtual worlds. AR helps to add a virtual element to the reality of textbooks, providing a 360-degree view of the object. There are many concepts which require alot of imagination, which can be explained with the help of AR.

If you are not familiar with AR, type tiger in Google SERP, and you will get an example of how AR works and how it is soo interactive to the real world.

Games like Pokeman are an example of AR.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is advanced in terms of bringing reality to you. VR helps in taking to those places which we have only seen in our textbooks, videos.

How engaging it will be to learn about Amazon forest to take a tour of it through VR. Students will no longer be burdened to study something they are not interested in; infact they will be more interactive and aware of a topic than just reading about it.

Cloud computing

Students have often encountered a situation in life where documents, notebook, notes get lost at the last minute.

When teachers and students can access everything which is required of them at any time, anywhere, the work becomes more manageable, fast and effective.

Cloud computing helps to bridge the gap between administration, teacher and student as from homework to results all can be uploaded via the internet.

It also reduces expenses, backs information, encourages collaborative work.

Data Analytics

Every student is unique and has different adaptive measures and interests. Data Analytics will help the education system to identify the basic needs, interests of the students early. Many education system have started making use of Data Analytics to incorporate new topics and projects to their existing curriculum.

Students should make full use of this technology to analyse their primary needs at a very early stage.

Online Education:

Online education has become a new normal for students in this lockdown to do various courses. Post covid 19 e-learning will become an essential part of academics. Many universities are conducting exams only, completing semesters online. Apps like Byju even help in learning entrance exams for MBA. Students can also personalise their studying material.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

One size fits all approach of the education system has been discouraging people from dropping out of college. Introducing AI to provide a personalised learning experience will motivate the students to make education their top priority especially in a country like India, where a share people are still not well versed with the importance of education. AI, when combined with big data analytics, can help in building personalised learning experience for both teachers and students.

Digital Marketing:

With time, Digital Marketing has progressed and become much more than just a run of the mill – SEO and Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketing has immense scope for students due to challenging tasks and opportunities to learn and engage globally with various clients. SEO, Google Ads, Mobile Advertisement, Web Analytics, Content and Inbound Marketing, Email and Affiliate Marketing, Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing are fields of training and courses in Digital Marketing.

Career prospects are really shiny and challenging in the digital marketing domain. You got to be on top of your game. Learn Digital Marketing with 10XDigitals now!


For many years the Indian education system was lagging in terms of technology. But COVID-19 has taught the Indian educational system, the importance of technology and how it can help to shape the future of the students.

Students should take the initiative and focus on the importance of technology and be well versed with the fact that post-covid-19 education system will see a significant shift in terms of technology.


Technology for students post COVID-19 will not help maintain social distance, but also it will upscale the educational sector, the future of students. 

But it’s needless to say that students will take a specific time to get used to it. 


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